Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wiimotely Dangerous?

Since Nintendo was giving away free replacement wristraps for the Wii, I decided to order a few. (Hey, if they were giving away a free jar of peanut butter, I'd get in on that)

You can order replacement straps for free from Nintendo's website by providing them with the serial number on the bottom of the Wii console. I was hoping to see those reinforced straps I'd heard about, but just received regular straps. My original looks exactly like the new one, except that mine (on the left) looks slightly stretched compared to the new one (on the right).

Of course, I didn't need a replacement... Because when I finally sit down to relax and enjoy a game, I don't usually have enough energy to wildly swing the controller around like a madman.

Nearly one million Wii consoles have been sold, and a few dozen people have managed to break stuff in their homes. By sheer coincidence, many of these people were admittedly drunk while playing.... People have even broken wine glasses, which proves that while playing sports, you should always drink directly from the bottle.


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