Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Detstar Forums

I'm always hearing from people who want to talk about the featured games with other players...

The original Detstar Forums were a hit, and the community lasted for several years before excessive traffic caused us to get shut down.

But now with the release of Super Smash Bros BRAWL on the horizon, it might be worthwhile to try and resurrect the long lost messageboard... Details to follow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people, I relly want to see the original since Goldeneye 007 was made first in your site. In case you want my e-mail I can help: pp7_bond@hotmail.com, for the people who are going to post you can also contact me to help Det, or post a message in my site.

27/2/07 23:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Det, it would be great to bring the forums back but under different topic circumstances... Goldeneye and Perfect Dark have been quiet in terms of controversy and mystery; the Citadel has finally been revealed, Oddjob and Mayday are not in the game, and such mysteries have either been answered or are unpopular. The same can be applied with Perfect Dark.

I think that Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and other such games of revelant impact can be the main focus , but keep in mind that it was the mystery and awe of beta and non-beta scenarios among the Perfect Dark and Goldeneye that made the forums a hit. (no other site at the time tackled such issues regarding such video game). So if you were to use particular games as the main focus of discussion, search and research such beta, hidden, mysterious things to cause the similar controversy brought upon Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

28/2/07 13:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember the detstar forums..re-post them!

It was a fun place!

28/2/07 17:57  
Blogger DetErest said...

The main focus of the forums would surely be Smash Bros BRAWL... But but there would surely be a forum for our favorite First Person Shooters.

28/2/07 21:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, Detstar Forums, eh? Now those are two words I have not seen together in quite a long time.

The old guard is still hanging together by a thread over at Sixwinter... perhaps a revival of the old forums would spark some renewed interest amongst the group.

Or it might just go totally unnoticed.

Either way, we'll be watching.

1/3/07 00:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That'd be great. most gaming communites are either run by morons, or severely plagued by them. I luh you Det. :P

Do it. Please!

1/3/07 02:50  
Blogger Unknown said...

I told you Det!!!!!!!!
I told you!!!!
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I told you!!!!

Well... that's enough... I offered you my hosting service for FREE if you decided to put the forums online again... I now it doesn´t support Cold Fusion, but you just admited that you've considered opening one of those free forums... I still have the hosting service, lets see what the Detstar's visitors think about this, shall we? :) Now I hope you'll consider this, I also want the forums back!!!

Circuit Daemon...

1/3/07 19:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you use all the topics on the site on the forum, eg. SSBM, GE, PD etc.. then add the new ones, SSBM, LoZ TP etc.. I would have a lot to contribute if you made a GE section ;)

2/3/07 18:54  
Blogger MM said...

Well, I volenteer to be a moderator. I mean, you need those. Can't go with out 'em.

3/3/07 13:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Perfectdark main site works but most of the links give an error : (

Fix, please!

4/3/07 21:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say what Fgbm27 said. :)

8/3/07 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many years has it been?

10/3/07 12:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want a full page of Halo 2, even the rumors, and submited screenshots!

13/3/07 17:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you can't just be a moderator. An (or all) administators must have faith and trust in you to do the job correctly.

I have been waiting for many months. How long? 2 or 3 Years?

Gamefaqs really gets old sometimes. >_>

14/3/07 20:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm.. well, if det wants proof, check my websites forum. Samedi.

16/3/07 23:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The old guard? Meh. We tried the forums thing, it just died. I honestly don't think there's the interest to do it. Alternatively, you could call up SG and ask if you could use Sixwinter. They're rebranding and shit, and want more community. It won't be the same, but nothing ever is.

18/3/07 05:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


25/3/07 16:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the sixwinter forums died as well...I think the terrorist/detstar forums are like the game goldeneye:it was great while it lasted but now it´s over...Specially since the internet hosting ain´t free.
Greetings to you Det.

16/4/07 16:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

theres a new glitch, the black hole! but it lags and freezes up the gamecube 50% of the time

28/4/07 17:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Det, it would be great to bring the forums back but under different topic circumstances... Goldeneye and Perfect Dark have been quiet in terms of controversy and mystery; the Citadel has finally been revealed, Oddjob and Mayday are not in the game, and such mysteries have either been answered or are unpopular. The same can be applied with Perfect Dark.

I think that Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and other such games of revelant impact can be the main focus , but keep in mind that it was the mystery and awe of beta and non-beta scenarios among the Perfect Dark and Goldeneye that made the forums a hit. (no other site at the time tackled such issues regarding such video game). So if you were to use particular games as the main focus of discussion, search and research such beta, hidden, mysterious things to cause the similar controversy brought upon Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.

The reason that those games were able to hide their mysteries for so long was because they were not online capable. Nowadays games (even console titles) are being constantly updated and this in turn diminishes some of the mystery surrounding the game. I love online shooters, but I have to say that one of the best parts of the online GE and PD communities was the fact that we actually couldn't play against each other online. It didn't stop people making speed-runs though and people were always looking for new ways of attempting of challenging themselves in the game(s), especially the multiplayer scenarios involved in PD's combat simulator.

I think that any new games coming out now will lose that sort of mysterious nature as any bug or glitch in the game can (and will be) immediately fixed by an update.

17/5/07 20:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

listen,i think perfect dark is better than any top dollar release,zelda,halo,bioshock and sonic the hedgehog i think the best mothaf!£$&ng game to walk the planet so dont you dare close down those web-pages,got it!??

30/5/07 05:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really want the Perfect Dark page back up. I still have my N64 and haven't played it in a quite a long time, but I plan to play it soon(perhaps even today). Perfect Dark will be the first(or only) game that I play. I love it. I also have Goldeneye, but I am one of the few who probably likes Perfect Dark better. Why? Basically because of its futuristic feel, not to mention it has a lot more playing options/modes than Golden Eye.

Anyway, I used to visit Detstar for Perfect Dark quite frequently, and it's a very helpful and interesting guide. I feel I'll need it since I know my skills in Perfect Dark will probably be a bit rusty. I could really use this website.
Please bring the page back!!!


6/6/07 15:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey,it's me again,i would just to say a few things about perfect dark

1)i had perfect dark when i was only 6 and when i first saw my bro on it i started seeing joanna dark all over(i actually was hallucinating)

2)it is the best game since oricana of time

and no.3 is that i am litterly your BIIIIIIIIGGGGESSSSST fan.

8/6/07 15:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i kepp anooying you dont i? i'm pissing you off, arent i? anyway i would just like to say im 10 years old and im getting an n64 soon so i realley nedd some cheats and glicths, the other cheats sites are fucking shite.

8/6/07 15:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uhhh its been a loooong time since our last update...=D

30/6/07 21:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would really like to see the forums restored, it couldn't hurt a ton if we did restore them, right?

1/7/07 01:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cmon Det, please restore the forums, sure most people may have already left, but this site can be restored to its former glory!

1/7/07 13:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cmon Det, Revive the forums! Please!

4/7/07 14:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yknow, you don't know how well something will turn out until you've tried.... =D

5/7/07 01:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit I'm late to see this. Anyways, I really don't think there would be a point to bringing the forums back now. Even when they were up, things were changing and people got pissed. A lot of shittier new members were joining with very few good members inbetween.

Sixwinter was a nice effort but it really hasn't gone anywhere. Shitty free hosting does suck but at the same time, paid hosting is much too expensive. Really it's up to you but all these people generally posting comments are a great reason for the forums to not return.

I miss them occasionally and think back on the fact that I joined 4 years ago now and enjoyed quite a lot of my time. One of my favorite people on the internet was met on DSF but times change. The people have changed as well and so have the games.

10/7/07 23:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, random question:
In SSBM, what the heck is stock?!

24/7/07 16:44  
Blogger Unknown said...

How do i get Toad on Super Smash Bros Melee at Gamecube? I need help please answear! :/

27/7/07 17:54  
Blogger Unknown said...

How do i get Toad on Super Smash Bros Melee at Gamecube? I need help please answear! :/

27/7/07 17:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hm, I was never on these forums, but they seem like they would be cool for games such as Brawl and Metroid Prime 3 and the like...

Actually I was only brought to this page by trying to access the forums to mention the lack of Giga Bowser in Adventure mode of SSBM...I still don't know how I fought him but I've done it twice now and I was hoping for some info on the subject?

27/7/07 18:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh and Alex, you can't get Toad, just check the main site for info on the rumor...

27/7/07 18:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I personally have NEVER been on these forums before, but nonetheless, it couldn't exactly be a life-threatening idea. Its always good to have a fresh start every now and then, a new beginning.

In all reality, you don't know what'll happen till you try, and you can't deem an idea as bad until it backfires.

So, I say that you restore the forums, sure it'll be a slow start back again for a while, but eventually, it'll go smoother until everything is running nicely again.

Try it, its not like it'll kill you. =p

18/8/07 08:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how the hell are ya doin'. i finally got perfect dark off me father.(thank fucking god)im trying to find the cheese locations but i can't find them.plz help me

30/8/07 17:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, Heres a PERFECT reason for you to bring back these forums.

The Nintendo forums are closed, and a HUGE majority of them were in the smashbros. Forum, they need to all flock somewhere, and this is the PERFECT place for them to be.

Cmon det, other than smashboards, (Which is all the same crap, SHFFL, Edgeguard, ect. IS NOT what everybody who plays smash does.) Or Gamefaqs, (They are ALL just annoying spammers.) We have just about NOWHERE to go.

So, I say this, please, on behalf of the ENTIRE smash section of the Nintendo forums, please re-open the Detstar forums.

17/9/07 19:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can someone tell me in full detail how to earn the " all on one" bonus point? I've tried all the things it told me to do but I still haven't gotten it.

14/12/07 02:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pages for the perfect dark site are not found.... :(

23/12/07 17:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you guys want a Smash Forum check out this place. We started up a couple weeks ago and we have a nice staff, plenty of skins, and about 300 members.

23/1/08 18:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come you don't update the ssbb section????

10/2/08 16:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about you use a ProBoard for the new forum? It's a pretty customizable way to go.

12/2/08 10:41  
Blogger Nick said...

Does anyone know how to unlock Toad in Melee??

10/7/08 17:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sixwinter is dead. Might as well remove the links...

18/7/08 15:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sixwinter is offline for good. I can't even get in contact with the old crew. :(

28/12/08 10:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys I reay liked your ssbm section and I would really like to see it be put up again could you tell us what happed?

5/9/09 01:25  
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I used to be involved in detailed discussions at DetStar forums, specifically regarding Perfect Dark; I think my username was 1NF1L7R8R. I posted a lot of information in the forums, including notes about guard spawn points that I uncovered. I can't remember what date it was, perhaps from around 2000-2002. I would love to get a copy of those forums, if one is still in existence. :)

13/7/14 08:13  

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